Just about a year ago our good friends at NIKE gave us the wonderful opportunity to create our own, limited edition Destroyer Jacket. Our “making of a masterpiece” video and the N.W.A meets Motorcycle Club design approach created a huge buzz in the industry. The original 12 jackets, were handed to our closest friends and day-one supporters. Now, a year later, it is time to welcome a new chapter-member. In Munich – or as we like to a call it “Monaco” – two things are holy: Beer and Football.

When Franck Ribery joined the FC Bayern football team in 2007, he was immediately crowned the “new King of Bavaria”. Rightfully so, as his incredible football skills and his notorious fighting spirit gave a spark to the FC Bayern team, that was desperately needed. The way Franck has been playing this season, it is safe to consider him one of the top 5 football players in the world right now. A true BEAST through and through. It was a HUGE honor for us to create and hand over a one of a kind Destroyer jacket to this amazing athlete. Franck Ribery … BEASTIN salutes you!

Many thanks to Ramon and Big Kruno for their extensive support throughout this project. Here is a closer look at our newest masterpiece. Franck Ribery’s Destroyer Jacket, has several special features such as his jersey number 7 which is embroidered above the front right pocket. In comparison to the other Destroyer Crew jackets, Franck’s jacket does not have the MONACO patch, but one of his hometown BOULOGNE. The main feature however is the sewn in heart on the left inside of the jacket, which the names of Ribery’s three children.