Introducing “CLASSIC MATERIAL” – hand made leather accessories by BEASTIN.

Our passion for top notch accessories and quality leather goods has driven us to launch a sub-label of BEASTIN titled “CLASSIC MATERIAL”. Premium products, 100% hand made in our hometown of Munich. Designed and crafted with lots of love and patience by BEASTIN in cooperation with our good friend Kruno Nakic.

To introduce this highly anticipated project, we have produced six different, duffle bags for stores and projects that are key contributors to the street-fashion culture which we strive from.POOL (Munich), SOTO (Berlin), HARVEST (Munich), MADE (Berlin) & White Sole (Stuttgart) have each received a one-of-a-kind, CLASSIC MATERIAL duffle bag, customized to represent the “sole” of each account.CLASSIC MATERIAL products will only be available at a hand full of selected accounts who’s knowledge and credibility will reflect on these unique goods and deliver the right message to our supporters. Treat our products with respect and they will pay this respect back to you!

photo credit: Julian Henzler //