BSTN x HRVST Snap-Back Cap Release


there is no other letter in the alphabet, that carries as much mystique and symbolic weight as the “X”.
The letter that once defined an entire generation and that is now the iconic symbol for collaborations of all kinds throughout the modern world of street culture, is now the focal point of a unique project between two Munich based institutions. Philip Stolte, owner of the critically acclaimed menswear store HARVEST has teamed up with the driving forces behind the infamous BEASTIN clothing brand, Dusan Cvetkovic and Chris Boszczyk (better known as Duki & FU) to create a highly anticipated and locally celebrated collaboration. A joint effort amongst friends, that emphasizes both parties deep passion for well manufactured garments, accessories and caps. The latter of which are an integral part of hiphop culture, another common denominator shared by the creators of this product.



Although the width of our denims, the composition of our footwear or the way we tilt our caps might separate us at first glance, the love for our city and the music that we grew up listening to unites us in a way that outsiders will never understand.

The BSTN x HRVST snap-back cap is our symbol for this everlasting coherence. Therefore, we kindly ask you to wear it with pride.

Sincerely yours,

Phil, Duki & FU    X